Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cinemal Vision #16

The Indian Runner (Sean Penn, cinematography - Anthony B. Richmond, 1991)

Frank: These fuckers, they don’t give me enough time to figure out the problem. Math class! The whole deal here is a math class! Just like every math class, there’s a clown in the front row, and everybody hates this fuckin clown, cause he’s raising his hands, he’s answering all the questions. What do we do? We move on. Just fuckin move on, ready or not. He’s deciding we gotta move on. He’s deciding we gotta move on. He knows his math. Me, I hadn’t even figured out about Santa Claus yet. Dragons. Gasoline was my favorite smell.

Joe: It’s the world’s fault. Life lacks tenderness, does it?

Frank: There’s only two kind of men in this hell: heroes and outlaws. Which one are you?

Joe: Men come strong and they come weak, brother. And you ain’t strong.

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